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Position: Software Operations and Maintenance Engineer
Job requirements
1 . The continuous optimization of the energy information platform and the design of system implementation solutions for the improvement-type requirements arising from the optimization process;
2 . Application system software configuration, maintenance, monitoring, tuning, troubleshooting, etc.;
3 . Responsible for server system and database backups, service monitoring and routine system health checks, handling O&M incidents;
4 . Working with data analysis, developers on relevant data statistics, system testing and system monitoring;
5 . Locating and troubleshooting exceptions by reviewing the system source code;
6 . Participate in the development of system operation specifications and training on the daily use of the system to ensure the normal and stable operation of the system, improve the efficiency of system operation and maintenance and user satisfaction.
Job requirements
1 . Bachelor's degree or above in a computer-related discipline;
2 . Familiar with Linux operating system command operations, able to write Shell scripts; good foundation in algorithms, familiar with python/go/java language programming, with strong data analysis and problem solving skills;
3 . Strong sense of responsibility, good professionalism, proactive, strong communication skills and learning ability.