LAD Group

Group Industry

LAD Group specializes in large-scale production and export of garments. Its companies include Jiangyin Taidi Garments Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Taihua Garment Co., Ltd., TAKEON(Shanghai) Garment Co., Ltd., Oriental Target Limited,Japan Huidao Co., Ltd., etc. Manufacturing categories include knitted, woven and other fabrics for casual wear, home wear and professional wear. The business runs through style design, plate making and proofing, order management, production organization, quality control, packaging logistics and many other links. The Group has more than 80,000 square meters of professional assembly line factories and office bases. For more than 20 years, the Group has exported tens of millions of garments annually, making the foreign exchange continued to climb. The Group has trained a large number of cutting and sewing, process technology and production management talents, and has provided high-quality production services with controllable costs and guaranteed quality for many well-known brands from China, Europe, America, and Japan. In recent years, relying on the advantages accumulated in the textile and garment industry chain, the Group has vigorously cultivated its own brands "TAKEON" and "MOMEN" to meet the needs of personalized consumption upgrades.